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Whakki Media is the best local SEO company and has emerged to be local SEO services that many people trust on the internet. Our goal is having you and your business at the top of the best search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo which in return brings a lot of traffic to your website.

With more than eight years of experience, Whakki Media is center to a team of industry local search engine optimization experts who are dedicated to delivering online traffic to your site. Our belief is that premium local SEO services must not be too expensive. With regard to this, our service offers our clients solutions that assist them in achieving their online marketing goals while still maintaining good budgetary estimates.

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Whakki Media and their team of experts have been absolute lifesavers! We’ve seen huge results in traffic and our position on Google. We would whole-heartedly recommend Whakki Media SEO Services to other companies in need of help with their online presence.

best local seo company

Ken Ojuka Manager @ NutriDirect.com

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How do we drive your new visitors to your website with your local SEO marketing? 

At Whakki Media, we have a specialty in some time-trusted local search engine optimization methods that have been proven to generate lots of traffic to other websites. How can we be sure of this? This is because we have witnessed the same methods pay off well to our successful online businesses.

Boost this with a great team of industry professionals, you are guaranteed that your business will be matched to the best market. As if that is not enough, contrary to other local SEO companies, we implement all this through techniques such as back-linking, keyword generation, and on-site optimization. However, you should not start worrying yourself about the technical jargon since we shall give you detailed information about what we do while actually driving traffic to your website and making your online business an ideal search engine prospect.

At Whakki Media, we deliver local traffic that converts!

Here at Whakki Media, we bear in mind that you are the individual who has built your business up from scratch. What we believe as a local SEO company, that your business must get to the attention of as many people as possible which we do through the internet. Therefore, we do all that is in our ability to make sure all your marketing efforts get results. In the modern day world, with the aid of our available resources, the internet can be a gateway to achieving your website's limitless potential. 

So, how do we go about doing local SEO exactly? 

Before we inform you of our local SEO services, you will get a price quote without any hidden charges. All our customers are happy to hear that our prices do not change in the direction of the process.